R&D Lab Service

Pilos is comprised of a highly experienced beauty professionals team, deeply passionate about beauty and cosmetics. Obsessed with trends, we understand what clients are looking for in a product and we offer an exceptional full-service beauty creation.

In Detail

Pilos R&D lab balances creativity and technical knowledge in order to create superior benchmark products. Combining extensive knowledge of the market, industry trends and technical expertise we offer a diverse range of development and support services tailored to meet any brief request.

Formula development
The endless pursuit of quality and innovation while maintaining a fine balance between art and technology are what characterizes our Research & Development team. Delivering state of the art products ranging from Prestige to Mass and everything in between, we are aligned with the goal of delivering the most outstanding products to the marketplace through high quality development and support services:
• Custom product formulation for new concept
• Reformulation of existing product
• Formulation enhancement for existing product
• Development of exclusive ingredients complex for existing concept upgrade
• Fragrance upgrade for existing product
• Consultation for any formula development issue

Formula testing
Our lab handles all the necessary steps to assure that every product is not only scientifically
advanced and highly effective but also has been under all necessary tests that prove its
superiority and safety. For that reason the lab is equipped with latest technology equipment
for measurements and validations regarding formula claims. Such measurements include:
• Skin Moisture (Corneometer)
• Sebum Levels (Sebumeter)
• Skin pH Meter
• Melanin / Erythema (Mexameter)
• Skin Colour (Colorimeter)
• Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) (Tewameter)
• Gloss (Glossymeter)
• Temperature (Skin Thermometer)
• Skin Viscoelasticity (Cutometer)

In addition, all necessary legally required tests are reliably conducted in-house or
under our supervision when necessary, ensuring that each formula is supplied
with all necessary documentation that proves its safety and legitimacy.
Such tests include:
• Stability test
• Compatibility test
• Microbiological test
• Preservation Efficacy Test (Challenge Test)
• Patch test
• Ophthalmological test
• Clinical tests
• in vitro, in vivo, ex-vivo, in -use tests

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